Module 2


Level 2

After completing Module One you are now ready to become a Certified Somatic Therapy Coach.

You will learn:
◦ How to help clients tune into the wisdom of their bodies
◦ How to prevent burn out i.e. the art of self care when working with clients.
◦ How to create and maintain a healthy therapeutic relationship.

◦ How to teach the ABC’s of trauma recovery
◦ The role of the Polyvagal nerve in healing trauma
◦ Somatic Therapy Tools for coaching clients

◦ Somatic Movement therapy: How to facilitate Dance Therapy workshops. (optional, if dance is not your thing participation is not required)

The business of wellness: how to turn your passion into a successful business and help as many people as possible. You will get a tried and tested step by step guide to help you move forward with ease.

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