Want to work with Nuraan?

Looking for some guidance in your recovery? Or just want a bit of help as you navigate big changes? Perhaps you’re doing great but you need help polishing a few corners on your life. Really, what you want is some hands-on, one-on-one insight from someone who knows.

One-on-one guidance gives you the time to really dig deep into a given topic: gaining understanding, reprocessing, releasing fear and self sabotage. This time can be used on EMDR, strategic visioning, leadership development or whatever else you need help with. I’ll guide you through getting unstuck and heal whatever is holding you back. Then I’ll give you a plan to make change happen, hold you accountable to your dreams, and (kindly, gently) push you in that direction. You’ll get one-on-one attention, as well as access to recourses that you can use for a lifetime!

What’s Next?


You click the book now button below because you’re ready for some one-on-one vision and a partner in big things


We schedule a 20-minute strategy call. We’ll figure out how we can use your time to heal the past and make these dreams happen


I send you a customized questionnaire to learn even more about you, your life, your goals


We schedule our time together – this could be 1.5-hour sessions, one-day intensives, or some combination of the two


I send you a collection of resources, additional exercises, talking points and a summary of next steps


You transform your life and go do amazing things

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