Relationship Counselling

How to know if therapy can help you:

You keep having the same arguments – Do you keep fighting about the same things over and over? Does it feel like you’re stuck in a loop and there’s no getting out? Therapy can help you get to the root cause of the problems and understand why you keep having reoccurring issues. Understanding is the first step.

Your sex life sucks – Have you lost the romance and become more like roommates?  Intimacy is considered a barometer for your relationship. It’s necessary to uncover the real reason behind the lack of physical closeness. Therapy can help you reconnect on a romantic level, reignite the fire and remind you of why you fell in love in the first place.

Criticism and Resentment – Do you  often feel like there’s just nothing you can do right? No matter how hard you try it’s just never good enough. Or are you on the other side of the coin? in auto-pilot, constantly criticising your partner for everything they do or don’t do? Deep seated resentment is often the cause of this. In fact, resentment is at the root of many toxic relationships. By seeking help you can break the cycle and rebuild a healthy relationship.

You don’t trust your partner – Trust is the foundation of a healthy relationship, and if it is missing – whether your partner has broken that confidence or if you have inherent trust issues – it is a problem that can’t be ignored. Therapy can help you feel safer in your relationship, by  establishing and restoring the trust.

Frequent financial fights – Money is the cause of many relationship breakdowns. If you fight over financial matters it’s usually because you have different, deeply rooted beliefs about the best way to use money. You need to come to a shared understanding and learn tools to guide you towards a resolution.

You feel like you partner doesn’t listen to you – Do you feel ignored by your partner? No matter how many times you’ve said something, he/she just doesn’t get it? Communication is key in happy relationships, and without it there’ll be continuous misunderstandings and projections. Couple counselling can help you both improve your communication skills and find your voice.

Relationship counselling works but it shouldn’t be kept as a last resort. The most common mistakes couples make is waiting too long to get help. If you’re struggling with any of these issues talking to a professional can help you get unstuck. You can start off just seeking help for yourself and later do couple sessions or go straight to couple therapy. Apply for a free consultation to create a strategy that’s best suited to your personal needs.

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