What is Somatic therapy

Somatic therapy is a form of body centered psychotherapy designed to help you cope with stress, anxiety, depression, grief or addictions. The tools you learn can be applied to problems with relationships, sexual dysfunction, intimacy issues, trauma and abuse. It’s also useful for treating chronic pain and digestive disorders. Even if you are coping well in life, somatic therapy can help take you to the next level to feel even better.  Feeling more confident, energised and more aligned than ever before.

How does it work? The theory behind somatic therapy is that the mind, body, and emotions are all related and connected to each other. As a result, the stress of past emotional and traumatic events affects the central nervous system and is stored within the physical body. Since trauma is stored within the body, the body can be used as a gateway for healing. The brilliance of somatic interventions is the ability to directly develop new neural pathways giving you the possibility to experience life in a new way.

As a therapeutic approach, Somatic Therapy is based on several theories  including Gestalt therapy, trauma focused body interventions, psychodynamic and cognitive behavioural therapy.  To find out more or to book a session don’t hesitate to contact us.

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